• Sara Greenwood is a native to the San Jose Bay Area with excellent knowledge of the area.  Her clients will talk most about her integrity, professionalism, energy level, communication skills, and her “soulful” approach to real estate.

    Sara has been serving the residential real estate market, helping 1st time home buyers, experienced homeowners and investors alike by leading them through the meticulous details of buying and selling real estate.  In the ever-changing real estate market, Sara’s expertise in trending, analysis and knowledge of each special niche neighborhood within Willow Glen will be the skills that you will want and need to guide you with one of the most important and life changing purchase or sale that you will ever make in your life!

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As a devoted environmentalist, Sara values and respects living and working “Green.”   In addition, Sara carries out paperless transactions and prints on 100% post-consumer recycled paper when printing is necessary.  This has greatly reduced her business’s overall carbon footprint and waste.

Sara Greenwood is a proud member of the 1% for the Planet organization, committed to contributing at least 1% of her total sales – not just profits – to environmental causes.  When you work with Sara Greenwood, you are helping to keep our “Earth in business.”

Over the years Sara made very generous donations to The CA State Parks FoundationPeninsula Open Space Trust (POST)Coastal Watershed CouncilThe Marine Mammal CenterSave our Shores (SOS)Bay Area Ridge Trail CouncilCA Wildlife Center, and Sempervirens Fund (preserving the Redwood Forests).

Outside of Real Estate, Sara enjoys hiking, taking her 3 enthusiastic dogs for mile-long walks and kissing frog statues!

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Sara Greenwood  is Member #2715 of the 1% for the Planet organization since 2012.  We have committed to contribute at least 1% of our total sales – not just profits – to environmental causes.

Sara is the first, and at this time only real estate agent/company in the San Francisco Bay Area that is a member of 1% for the Planet.   She is confident that her philanthropy will make an impact in the Bay Area, and encourage others to join the efforts of helping to keep “Earth in business.”

It all started like this … Not long ago, a mountain climber and a fisherman realized they had a lot more in common than a disdain for wearing a suit to work.  Yvon Chouinard, founder of Patagonia, and Craig Mathews, owner of Blue Ribbon Flies, were also passionate environmentalists that happened to be running successful businesses. More important, they understood it was good business to protect the natural resources that kept them in business. And the rest is history.

1% FOR THE PLANET is an alliance of businesses that understand the necessity of protecting the natural environment. They understand that profit and loss are directly linked to its health, and are concerned with the social and environmental impacts of industry.

Since its inception in 2002, the 1% network has become one of the largest funders of environmental work around. Membership consists of more than 1,200 businesses in 48 countries, together giving over $100 million to over 3,000 environmental groups worldwide.

Here is a video that shares [one percent] of the story


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